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Looking for Magnetic, Gauges or Level Measurement.

IVL Group applies superior technology and experience to continuously measure the level, interface and density of liquids in industrial processes.

With a range of buoyancy, hydrostatic, radar and vibrating fork technologies available we can apply the correct device to your application.

For simple high and low level alarms we have an extensive range of vibrating level switches, all are available with flexible mounting. Our level transmitters are designed to cut costs and increase safety by giving precise and reliable data under most process conditions.

Call IVL Group and we’ll be pleased to help and advise on your measurement application.

For more detailed product specifications on some of our products please click on the links below.

Level Star 244LD
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TC Klinger Magnetic Level Gauges

The well proven TC Klinger Magnetic Level Gauge is particularly suitable for duties where dangerous and toxic liquids or gases are involved .


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ATLAS Magnetic Level

For level, interface or level and interface measurement. Atlas™ is a single chamber design available in twelve basic configuration styles, including top mount models. Atlas MLIʼs offer a wide choice of materials of construction, process connections and sizes. Only the most popular choices are published in this PDF.