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Invensys Foxboro

IVL Group can offer a single innovative instrument that can improve the performance of the production assets in your processing plant or field. A whole group of innovative instruments can positively impact your entire operations.

Invensys Foxboro instrumentation innovations are allied with industry-leading Invensys brands for systems, software, and services. Together with IVL Group, Invensys Foxboro offerings greatly improve your operation’s economic, safety, and environmental performance, while balancing the availability and utilisation of all your assets, people, equipment, energy, and inventory.

Since Invensys Foxboro’s inception in 1908, their technological innovations have ranged from the first d/p Cell, to pioneering multivariable instruments, to creating the world’s first enterprise control system, InFusion™. Multiple measurements from these multivariable instruments now aid your quest for increased asset utilization.

Invensys Foxboro pressure transmitters increase your asset value with best-in-class accuracy levels, backed by the longest standard and optional warranties in the industry. Invensys Foxboro mass flow designs are changing the face of Coriolis meters while their e-chem sensors are revolutionizing pH measurement, with improved diagnostics that make them extremely valuable assets. Foxboro Eckhardt positioners offer all the interoperability benefits and asset management advantages of the latest field device technology (FDT).

Together Invensys Foxboro and IVL Group can supply accurate, reliable instruments that measure or analyze temperature, pressure, flow, and electrochemical variables, giving you more integration, interoperability, and innovation from one source. All at a competitive price with low cost of ownership, plus 24-hour support throughout the world.

For expert advice backed by Invensys Foxboro experienced people, call IVL Group today to see how we can assist in your quest for better measurement and control.

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